Các bằng phát minh sáng chế của máy lọc nước Geyser

Since 1986, the scientific and technical staff of the Geyser Company developed a number of unique water treatment methods and filtering materials. The quality and performance of Geyser filters were confirmed by 20 patents and independent expert examinations.

Patents on filtering materials

Procedure for preparing and producing Aragon material


Aragon 2 filtering material


Dolomite as filtering material for iron removal


Procedure for preparing and producing Damfer material


Patents on filters

Geyser-1 filter for water treatment


Geyser-Vita filter for water treatment


Geyser-Euro water filter


Filter for tap water refining (tap attachment)


Geyser Dachnik filtering device for bungalows


Jar filter for water treatment


Geyser-Prestige filtering unit


Patents on special devices

Procedure for preparing potable water (quasi-softening)


Device for introducing additives into water


Device for reducing scale formation


Potable water conditioner